My Very First Black Cock

My Very First Black Man. Hundreds of Pics and Video (VHS) for sale. Member "OneNut" gets a piece of Jean. Who's next?

I have to admit, 2 or 3 years ago I never even thought about being with a black man. I noticed Wayne had been watching a couple porno's and was really getting excited watching white girls getting hard black cock slammed to them. I was kinda turned off by the idea at first. But, the more I watched it and saw how much Wayne was getting worked up by it the more I wanted to do it.

One of my members is a real sweetheart and goes by the name "OneNut" (he has both nuts as you can see...heheh). We have been talking about getting together for about almost a year. Finally we had the opportunity to meet in Atlanta at one of the web girls party I attended.

We got back to my hotel room and I was all nervous thinking of that huge black cock stretching my little white pussy. We started out with me lying on the bed face down as Onenut buried his tongue deep inside me. Then he slowly straddled me from behind rubbing his hard black tool against my pink pussy lips. I was in sheer ecstacy from the anticipation of his cock sliding in me. He worked it up and down slowly then pressed it in me. As the head went in it hurt but felt good at the same time. I know I was in for one heck of a fucking.

He thrusted his cock in me until it was hitting the bottom of my pussy everytime. I can't remember how many times I came. Onenut had been saving his cum up for me for two weeks because he knew how much I love cum. About 4 or 5 minutes later of pure pleasure for both of us I felt his cock start pulsing and I could feel his hot liquid shooting inside me. My pussy was filled to the rim. As he withdrew his cock cum poured from my pussy. I have never had that much cum shot inside me by anyone. The cum just kept pouring out.

Well, that was the end of round one. My cunt was completely full and this had to be one of the most erotic moments in my life. But, men and OneNut were't through. I was still so horny and now I was craviing that hard black cock up my ass.

Wayne laid me across the bed and pulled out his cock. He was going to prepare me for OneNut. I don't know if I could handled that large black cock without Wayne loosening me up first. One fucked me and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach in antcipation for OneNut.

After Wayne was done OneNut came up behind me a slowly slid his hot black dick up my ass. It felt like it was ripping me apart yet it felt so good at the same time. He ground his cock deep into my ass for several minutes. OneNut took a break so Wayne so this as his opportunity to get some slopy seconds. He slid his cokc up my ass and pounded on my ass for another 5 or 10 minutes.

OneNut rolled me onto my back in the missionary position and started fucking my pussy really hard. His large black cock hit the bottom of my pussy on every stroke. The next thing I know I started feeling hot warm liquid filling my cunt again. It was a lot considering he just came 30 minutes before this time.

He rolled off of me and Wayne mounted my pussy with OneNuts cum still inside me. It only took Waynea couple minutes before he started pumping his cum inside me too.... boy, I was filled all the way up again. I just laid there from exhaustion as the cum started running from my swollen cunt.


I captured all this on tape and took many pictures of the event. We went two more rounds after that... why don't you come on in and take a look at the rest of the pics? <smile>

Hugs, Jean

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